Repurpose your old Furniture in Cosby, TN

It always seems easiest to just haul your old unwanted furniture out to the curb and leave it for pickup, but this may not be the best way of doing things. For leaving out large items such as couches, dressers, etc, your trash collector could charge you a hefty little fine, or they may just not take the items at all. Now when it comes to an environmental standpoint, those items will eventually sit and rot, taking up space in landfills. Instead, let’s take a look at some awesome and easy ways you can give your old furniture new meaning while helping to preserve our environment in Cosby, TN!

Let’s Repurpose that Furniture!

  • Stack old crates or suitcases to create a table!
  • Place two stacks of old antique books or old palettes under a plank of wood and boom! You have a new shelving unit.
  • Stack old kitchen cabinets and create an armoire.
  • Dress up your bed. Reuse an old dining room table or door as a headboard.
  • Add a few shelves and a couple of legs to the bottom of an old door, lean it against a wall, and you’ve got yourself a bookshelf.
  • Fix old shutters to a bookshelf and create a cabinet. You can also remove a few top shelves and create a TV stand.
  • Try hanging old shutters on the wall to serve as a bulletin board.
  • Give old furniture a new life – new coat of paint or updated upholstery.
  • Remove the drawers from a bureau to create an open-shelf credenza.
  • Try sawing a table with missing legs in half to create a crescent accent table.
  • Stack old benches to create shelves.

Wanna Remove some Furniture?

So when you’ve repurposed all you can and come across some large items that need to be picked up, the 5 Star Waste team in Cosby, TN is here for you! We know where to take your old furniture and things that just can’t be saved. Contact us today by calling (865) 988-9737 to schedule a pickup!