Proper E-waste Disposal: It’s a Big Deal

By knoxweb | September 27, 2019

When you have electronic devices that you no longer want, they officially become e-waste (electronic waste). In today’s day and age, more devices are being discarded than we could have possibly imagined, due to major advancements in technology. This poses a threat to our environment. To keep our planet safe and sound, we have a crucial responsibility to properly discard our e-waste. Let’s find out how to do this. What is E-waste? E-waste includes (but is not limited to): Stereos, CD players & speakers Cell phones & portable landlines Kitchen appliances Washers & dryers Televisions, DVD players & VCRs Computer…

Green means Go!… Back to School

By knoxweb | September 26, 2019

Green means Go!… Back to School Here it is, fall is amongst us. Leaves are transforming into that rocky top orange hue, temperatures are cooling and millions have headed back to school. With that, 5 Star Waste is supplying parents, students, and educators with some quick and useful tips to make this school year more eco-friendly for you and yours. All of which is achievable through reducing, reusing, and recycling – whether you’re inside or outside of the classroom. Let’s all work to make this school season the perfect opportunity to blend these eco-friendly practices into our daily routines and…

Our Story

By knoxweb | September 19, 2019

Owners Harry Gillman, Kim Gillman Turner and Steve Turner all come from years of experience in the waste industry. Harry started his first refuse removal business in the northern Virginia area in 1972. Day to day operations are run family style with the whole family including all of the kids and grand-kids participating in the operation. Most recently, the Gillman’s and Turner’s ran and operated Tennessee Trash Services, LLC, which was sold in 2019. They are still continuing to operate in many areas in East Tennessee and continue to strive to give the best possible service in the industry