Got Critters Playing in your Dumpster?

Renting a dumpster is hands-down the best way to haul away residential and commercial waste without a doubt. However, pesky critters can be a real challenge to keep out of your roll-off dumpster if you fail to take the proper precautions. Tiny razor-sharp teeth and finger-like paws have been known to gnaw through construction materials, carpeting, garbage bags and more in search of food and bedding – turning your hard work into wasted time after cleaning up what they strew around the job site

Put a Lid on It!

No matter what dumpster sizes you rent, you are an open invitation to domesticated critters and wildlife alike. Not to mention an unsupervised wandering toddler or vagrant can lead to sure disaster and possible legal repercussions. The easiest way to prevent dumpster divers of all types is to simply close the lid and put a lock on it (if your dumpster rental comes with a lid) – and not just during overnight hours. Yes, most of our furry culprits are nocturnal, but not all of them. So, keep it closed at all times to deter the occasional roaming predator – two and four-legged alike!

Seal food in Bags!

5 Star Waste frowns upon food items in our roll off dumpsters. Although food waste can go to the landfill, it tends to attract rodents and critters. Therefore, food waste should be disposed of through conventional trash pick-up. No matter how small the tidbit, your food waste can act as a ‘homing beacon’ for wildlife and domestic critters for miles away. Raccoons, for instance, will travel up to 18 miles to find food, while a dog can detect odors up to 40 feet below ground! Critters are drawn to refuse areas by odor. Thus, the first line of defense is to be sure to securely seal food waste in trash bags. You might even want to consider double-bagging leaky or overstuffed bags.

Use Repellants!

Pest and wildlife repellents can be found at most hardware stores and major retail chains. These types of repellents can include the use of chemical pesticides and small pest traps for mice. If you prefer to use an alternative ‘green’ repellent, then try using a spray bottle filled with diluted ammonia to mist the outside of your trash bags and dumpster area – critters tend to shy away from the smell of ammonia. If you don’t have any ammonia handy, you can try spraying the bags with some basic household window cleaner.

Keep Dumpsters Away from Foliage!

Wildlife is more afraid of you than you are of them. That is why they tend to hide in trees, bushes, tall grass, and shrubs. Clever and destructive creatures such as raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and rats are just a few that lurk in the natural cover of foliage. Keep this in mind when you call 5 Star Waste for your next dumpster rental. Our expert delivery drivers can strategically place most dumpster rentals away from foliage areas. If for any reason space does not allow and your dumpster must be near trees, shrubs or grass, be sure to mow and prune the area prior to delivery.

If Push Comes to Shove, use Animal Traps.

When all else fails, you may need to consider humane wildlife traps or hire a professional pest control service. For your safety, you should never corner or confront a wild animal or rodent – especially during the day. They can carry a host of diseases including rabies and distemper. Rather, you should contact your local wildlife animal control officer or a professional pest control service.