Go Green This Up-and-Coming Holiday Season

The up-and-coming holiday season is amongst us and with it, brought a whirlwind of activity. People are already excited for pumpkin spice lattes, Thanksgiving turkeys and gift bags galore! From buying gifts to wrapping them, from parties (to the after-party) to clean-up – all of this and more creates an abundance of garbage for your waste and recycling bins. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans toss out 25 percent more garbage between Thanksgiving and New Year’s compared to any other time of the year. (Good gosh!)

Even then, if you keep just a few simple tips in mind, you can make a major positive impact on the environment. And to help, 5 Star Waste wants to share some tips on going “green” this up-and-coming holiday season.

While You’re Out Shopping…

  • Think about giving out no-waste gifts, such as:
    • downloadable music
    • sports lessons
    • gym memberships
    • movie or museum tickets
    • tickets to a ball game or concert
  • Plan something fun that your family or friends can all do together.
  • Use products made from recycled/organic materials. Bags, clothing, etc.
  • Give reduced or no-waste wrapping options a try. For example, large, reusable bows, reusable bags – backpack or purse.
  • Purchase reusable gift bags or wrapping paper made with recycled content – paper works great. Foil, metallic or glitter accent wrapping paper isn’t recyclable.

While Getting Creative with Decorating…

  • Stash and reuse your holiday decorations each year.
  • Creatively design your own decorations from recyclables!
  • If you decide to switch up your holiday decorations, be kind and donate your old decorations – other families would love being able to enjoy the spirit of the season.

While Having Fun Celebrating…

  • Send out holiday greetings via e-mail or social media – this a fun way to share photos and memories with family and friends!
  • When entertaining your guests, use:
    • washable utensils
    • plates
    • glasses
    • cloth napkins
    • reusable table covers
  • Properly display bins where guests can put their recyclables, empty cans, and bottles. 
  • Try sending your guests home with a tasty bonus gift – leftover food packed in reusable containers.

While Recycling Responsibly…

  • It’s always good to make sure your plastic shopping bags make their way back to local retail stores. Plastic bags don’t belong in curbside recycling bins.
  • For all those exciting gifts being shipped to your home, be sure to break down all cardboard boxes before putting them in your recycling bin – You’ll want to save room for all your other recyclables.
  • Try not to put the wrong items in your recycling container. This includes things such as bubble wrap and lights. Items like these can get tangled in recycling sorting equipment and creates a safety hazard for our employees.
  • If you have a living Christmas tree, garland or wreath, go ahead and check with your community – utilize any recycling programs, yard waste collection and drop-off programs available to you.

With a hint of creativity and a dedicated heart, we can use this up-and-coming holiday season to create new traditions that help protect and preserve our environment. Do it not only for our families but for our future generations – and do it with 5 Star Waste.