DIY Carpet Removal

5 Star Waste – Cleveland, TN 

It’s true that carpet removal is not easy, but truth be told, it can be done on your own. So let’s just jump right on into it. Let’s talk about some DIY carpet removal tips – from Cleveland, Tennessee’s 5 Star Waste.


To start off with, you’re going to want a clear, accessible workspace. Be sure to move any doors, furniture, decorations, etc that could get in your way. To protect your lungs from inhaling dust, you’ll want to wear a dust mask. Same goes for your hands, remember to wear protective gloves during the carpet removal process.

Stapled Carpet

When it comes to carpet pads, they can be stapled, glued or tacked to the floor. In regards to a stapled carpet, to remove every single little staple one at a time would take what feels like an eternity. Thank goodness for floor scrapers – bladed tools (sharp or dull) sold at home improvement stores. With this long-handled, easy-to-use tool, you’re bound to reduce wear and tear on your back and knees.

Glued Carpet

Now, more times than not, you’ll find that carpet pads are often glued down onto concrete flooring. We hope you still have that floor scraper nearby… You’ll be able to scrape up the carpet pad and continue on with your new flooring ideas!

Tacked Carpet

Lastly, let’s talk about tacked carpet. Most carpets are secured to the walls with tack strips. The simplest way to separate the carpet from the wall is to use a pair of pliers. All you have to do is grab onto a piece of carpet and pull. As you go along grabbing and pulling up carpet, be sure to snip the carpet into strips (4-foot strips work nicely) – doing this helps keep you from struggling with a giant block of carpet at the end.

Now, that Wasn’t too Tough… Let us do the Rest.

Remember, when you’ve got an old carpet that you need to toss, the team at 5 Star Waste in Cleveland, TN is here to help. We know how to properly dispose of your old carpet so contact us today at (865) 988-9737. Let’s schedule you a pickup!