Cleaning out the Attic? Try This

* Simplify your Cleaning *

Who can remember peeking up into the attic and catching a funny feeling that something was lurking within the shadows? Who also now knows that a typical attic really can be that “monster” – years worth of clutter from stashing odds, ends and other things that don’t really belong anywhere else in the house (we’re all guilty here). It might be time for a cleanout if:

  • You’re planning on transforming your attic
  • You can’t take losing stuff any longer
  • You’re downsizing
  • Etc…

Now, with a good deal of build-up over the years, it’s normal for people to avoid this task at all costs. However, our team at 5 Star Waste in Athens, TN have some suggestions to share with you that can help simplify the whole attic cleanout process. 

Time to Clean out that Attic!

  • First of all, you’ll want to take note of everything stashed in your attic.
  • Second, go ahead and create 3 separate piles:
    • Keep
    • Donate/sell
    • Trash

This is a typical step for any kind of cleanup. During this step, really try to be honest with yourself. If you come across items that haven’t been touched or used in years, it may be time to get rid of them.

  • Understandably, sentimental items are the absolute hardest items to toss out. For those items that you don’t really need to keep around, try taking photographs of the items you’ll want to remember.
  • Next, consider a waste hauling company. Once you’ve cleared out your attic and organized everything, you’ll have a donate/sell pile and a trash pile to deal with. When you find those piles are big and difficult to move out at once, 5 Star Waste in Athens, TN is here to help. Serving as an alternative to landfills, anything that can be recycled or donated will be. Just call us today at (865) 988-9737 to schedule a pickup.
  • Last but not least, it’s always a great idea to have a plan for the items you do decide to keep. Maybe try putting up some shelving or fixing up a nice table to display these items. You can even purchase bins and labels to organize the rest of your items.