5 Star Waste is the Way to Go for Dumpster Rentals!

Between home renovations and new building projects, removing debris and trash can be quite a daunting task. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about tackling this project by yourself.

You can now easily rent an affordable dumpster with 5 Star Waste and we will send it to your location in a fast and professional manner. We offer our dumpster rental services anywhere in the East Tennessee area and the surroundings.

We are also the perfect choice for residential owners that are relocating or simply doing some spring cleanup that could translate into a huge waste of time and energy looking for a dumpster contractor. Our waste dumpsters can save you a lot of time, being an excellent alternative to the standard trash bags. Our company has been providing affordable rental dumpsters to the East Tennessee community for years. Rest assured that we can help you remove all excess clutter and trash with ease.

For commercial projects, large construction dumpsters are often needed in order to remove the large amounts of waste. In most of the cases, the local waste disposal company is either unable to handle the job due to its size, or won’t handle it due to the high number of people and equipment needed. The great news is that you can always call 5 Star Waste and hire our construction dumpsters that are the right size for your project. We are able to deliver several construction dumpsters to any location in the East Tennessee area. With our help, you will be able to complete any type of renovation or demolition project much faster and efficiently. You will also be able to save money, as you won’t have to pay your construction team any extra hours for the time used to dispose of the trash.

Renting a dumpster will give you the capacity to dispose of large amounts of trash and waste in a very short amount of time. No more worrying about using large bags for items or trying to hide the debris in a corner. In the case of being involved in a demolition project, renting a commercial dumpster in East Tennessee is even more important, as there could be a higher risk of danger due to heavy and bulky items that could cause unwanted accidents. After we deliver the dumpster and you fill it, we can also provide a pickup service to get rid of the waste. If you need an extra dumpster, simply give us a call and we will bring you an empty one.

Get started on your renovation project today with the professionals at 5 Star Waste!


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